Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tired but Loving it

Bon dai!
 Mom -
I don't remember a whole lot about the newsletter, anything will be great =]
Yes, got the money and spending time with him was wonderful

This week has been so busy, as I'm sure you've guessed!  First and most importantly, I must be especially special, because I have not one, but TWO companions, and not one, but BOTH are fluent in Spanish and Both are in the same mission as I am!!!!  Sisters Cornwall and Forester have been such a blessing to me these last few days, they keep everything so happy all the time.  It does get a little difficult sometimes having two companions, especially since we're not used to having to be around each other all the time yet.  One time, one companion went one way down the hall into a room just as the other sister was headed in the other direction into another room.... so I stood in the middle of the hall so I at least knew where both of them were and when they came out again I could get them right away.  I was a little confused as to what I was supposed to do =]  There are two others sisters (Sabin and Ogletree) and 8 Elders in my district (Fullmer, Torres, Paxman, Voges, Maylor, Broadhead, Emerson, and O'Conner)  and they are all amazing.  Such hard workers and so much fun to be around.  It's great. Elder Broadhead got his visa the first day here, so he leaves reallly soon!  It's so exciting to hear.

  So, the schedule (which will change a bit in the next weeks) goes like this: Up at 5:45 to go to gym and and sisters and I are usually there till about 7ish.  Then we get ready, breakfast, and into class from 9:45 till 1.  Then lunch.  Then personal and companionship study, back to class from 3-6, dinner, and so far the things we do in the evening have varied quite a bit, but we usually get home about 9:30 and we have to be in bed at 10:30.  It's crazy.  Always always busy.  Our teachers - Irmao Johansen and Irma Holtzclaw - are pretty amazing.  It's a bit difficult since they do their best to speak Portuguese all the time, except when they have to translate for us.  The second day in class I had to pray in Portugese and yesterday we learned how to bear our testimonies.  Today, Irama Holtzclaw told us all to stand and face the wall and testify for 10 mins in Portuguese.  That was kinda difficult.  It did teach me what words I want to learn, though!  Apparently I'm catching on quickly (that's according to my companions) but it's hard to tell since I've never learned a language before and my sisters are able to figure things out so quickly.

I feel like I've had a bit of information overload - I'll be asked questions I know the answer to and my mind will got blank.  It was a little frustrating, and i was wondering why it was happening and then it came it me, "Sister Petersen, you prayed to have humility when you came here, this is an answer to your prayer."  I know that the information I need will be givent o me as long as I work hard, which I"m striving to do!

It is amazing here. I have truly learned that the Lord helps and supports His servants.  I didn't notice till the end of the second day, but I've been tired.  But it's such a blessing to be surrounded by people who love what they're doing and have such strong faith.  They are truly a mercy from the Lord, along with many other things I have been blessed with.  I wish I could think better right now as to what to tell you... so much has happened and I've learned so much that I find it hard to believe that I've only been here for 3 full days.

I love you all!  Let me know what you're doing!

Mucho amor,

Sister Petersen

PS My Pday is Friday.

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