Monday, December 26, 2011

A Conquista da Conquista: Vol. 2 Chp. 3 - In which there are birthdays of two very important people and Sister Petersen goes to the hospital again.

Merry Christmas!  And happy birthday to me!  Yes, to celebrate I went to the hospital yet again (thankfully it didnt last that long this time) to find that I had a virus.  We then spent the next day looking for my medication (that was an adventure) and then the mission doctor told me (after I had taken it) that i should not take it because it could have potentially leathal side effects, but it turns out he was thinking of a different medicine.  So I am on the road to health and happiness again!
Our Christmas miracle was that we had a family of 5 come to church this Sunday!  It really was quite incredible.

I want to hear your goals for the new year!

Love you,
Sister Petersen

Monday, December 19, 2011

Conquista da Conquista: Vol. 2 Chp. 2: In which Sister Petersen is emergency transfered and gets to start all over in a new area. Again.

First of all, MUITO OBRIGADA por todas que lembrarem meu aniversário!  It has been... a little interesting.  I woke up to sticky notes all over the house with notes on them for me that my beloved companion wrote for me in the middle of the night.  There was also a trail of paper snowflakes that led to peanut m&ms and birthday pancakes.  I have to admit, Sister Cornwall did a pretty amazing job!  We also went to a daycare and delivered presents for all of the kids there (it was a ward service project) and other than that... we havent done much because we have been feeling a bit exhausted.  But its been a good day.

Second of all, I am sure you are wondering about this transfer.  I am a little confused myself, but I know that it was the hand of the Lord, and everyone involved is safe and healthy, so no need to worry.  I am still here in Conquista, just in a different area, the ward Candeias and I am here with Sister Cornwall!!!  How neat is that?  We are pretty excited, to say the least.  I got here Wendesday night and we have already had some pretty great times, and it is so interesting to talk about the different experiences we have had and the things we have learned since the MTC.  I have also already given a talk, sung in church and led the music during sacrament meeting.  The ward is the smallest I have been a part of (about 60 people) and so it looks like I will be pretty involved with teaching/music/qualquer outra coisa while I am here.  I am also trying to get used to a new area.  It always takes forever for me to figure out my surroundings, and I felt like I was just figuring everything out in Sumaré when I was transfered.  Oh well.  Obviously the Lord feels like I am capable of learning quickly... I hope he´s right =]

We have also been busy with Christmas things.  We had a ward part and the next day we had the stake christmas party that we went to, and we have been singing a lot of christmas songs in our lessons and in our contacting, and it has been great.  I love sining, and I really love singing with Sister Cornwall.  Christmas makes me feel so wonderful.... not to mention that Sister Cornwall has Manheim Steemrollers Christmas music... we have been enjoying that in the mornings.

It has been so hot here recently.  I am not sure how hot exactly because I have no way to check the tempurature, but its been hot.  (I would love to know how hot its been if someone could look that up for me.... =] )  We have been commanded to drink 3-4 liters of water every day.  I have been failing with that goal, but I am trying.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to drink that much water every day?  Its horrible.  But I will go, I will do the things that Sister Vecchi comands.

Thanks once again for the birthday wishes!
Oh, e

Sister Petersen

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Conquista da Conquist: Vol. 2 Chp. 1

So - it turns out that there was a bit of a misunderstanding, and yes, my pday was only moved for this past week.  It will continue to be on monday from now on for as far into the future as I can see.  Which is about next week =]

This past week we had our Christmas Conference, so I got to go back to Itabuna for a day!  The van that took us there was supposed to arrive at 2am. We didnt get much sleep that night.  The van took forever to show up at the chapel ( it didnt show up until 4) and then, just try to imagine being in a van with 12 missionaries.  Or better yet 12 boys ages 19-21.  They sang the entire way to Itabuna, which means that I didnt sleep barely at all (not to mention I was a little nervous to sleep because I was sitting next to one of the Elders, and I was a little afraid of falling asleep on him, which Sister Andrade said that I almost did).  We got there at 7am, and it was great to be with half the mission and hear from the different areas and have a talent show.  And then it was back in the van to go back to Conquista, and we got home around midnight.  The rest of the week... we had a fight a bit to keep going.  But keep going we did.

And our dear friend Nathalia was baptized!  Have I ever mentioned how stressful it is to get someone baptised?  Its ridiculous.  She was supposed to be interviewed and baptised Saturday.  So Sister Andrade and I went to the church to fill up the font and there was no water. None whatsoever.  We were able to talk to a member and he said he would take came of it.  We came back a few hours later and the font was still completely empty. We talked to another member who said he would take care of it.  On top of that, we couldnt get a hold of Nathalia all day long until 8pm (turns out we had the wrong cell phone number for her).  When I finally did get to talk to her, she asked if we were going to the church that night, and I said no.  Her response? ´Well then how am I supposed to get baptized?!`  Best thing in the world to hear.  We were able to get her to the church to get interviewed, but the baptism had to wait until the next day (which was stake conference).  9pm: the baptismal font is still completely empty.  In the morning we call for the member who said he would get it filled and he was very surprised that nothing had been done, but assured us that it would get filled.  We showed up at the church 9:30am to see two young men filling the font with buckets.  We were finally able to get a hose so that the font could fill during the conference.  And who knows why, but the church had a lack of water, and the font was only filled about two feet and the church completely ran out of water.  But they said that 2 feet of water was enough.  And then we found out that we didnt had a jumpsuit for the baptizer to use... so that took another half hour to figure out.  Ridiculous.  But Nathalia was baptized, and thats what is most important!  They had to try three times, and the final time she had to completely lay down and hook her toes under the bottom step of the font so that her legs would stay submerged =]  It is an amazing feeling to watch someone be baptized.  Incrível.

And I will be straying here in Conquísta with Sister Andrade this transfer, too!  I am excited for that.  I will get things figured out for Christmas this next week and give you details next monday.   And I have left all my presents wrapped except for the mashmellows that I used last week and the Shout (I was hoping to find chocolate one day, so I opened one package.  It turned out to be shout and I desití.)

Love you!  Talk to you soon (literally!)
Sister Petersen

My District

Thanksgiving Dinner

Sister Andrade´s 11 month mark

Me with all of my companions from the field

Nathália´s baptism