Monday, December 26, 2011

A Conquista da Conquista: Vol. 2 Chp. 3 - In which there are birthdays of two very important people and Sister Petersen goes to the hospital again.

Merry Christmas!  And happy birthday to me!  Yes, to celebrate I went to the hospital yet again (thankfully it didnt last that long this time) to find that I had a virus.  We then spent the next day looking for my medication (that was an adventure) and then the mission doctor told me (after I had taken it) that i should not take it because it could have potentially leathal side effects, but it turns out he was thinking of a different medicine.  So I am on the road to health and happiness again!
Our Christmas miracle was that we had a family of 5 come to church this Sunday!  It really was quite incredible.

I want to hear your goals for the new year!

Love you,
Sister Petersen

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