Monday, December 19, 2011

Conquista da Conquista: Vol. 2 Chp. 2: In which Sister Petersen is emergency transfered and gets to start all over in a new area. Again.

First of all, MUITO OBRIGADA por todas que lembrarem meu aniversário!  It has been... a little interesting.  I woke up to sticky notes all over the house with notes on them for me that my beloved companion wrote for me in the middle of the night.  There was also a trail of paper snowflakes that led to peanut m&ms and birthday pancakes.  I have to admit, Sister Cornwall did a pretty amazing job!  We also went to a daycare and delivered presents for all of the kids there (it was a ward service project) and other than that... we havent done much because we have been feeling a bit exhausted.  But its been a good day.

Second of all, I am sure you are wondering about this transfer.  I am a little confused myself, but I know that it was the hand of the Lord, and everyone involved is safe and healthy, so no need to worry.  I am still here in Conquista, just in a different area, the ward Candeias and I am here with Sister Cornwall!!!  How neat is that?  We are pretty excited, to say the least.  I got here Wendesday night and we have already had some pretty great times, and it is so interesting to talk about the different experiences we have had and the things we have learned since the MTC.  I have also already given a talk, sung in church and led the music during sacrament meeting.  The ward is the smallest I have been a part of (about 60 people) and so it looks like I will be pretty involved with teaching/music/qualquer outra coisa while I am here.  I am also trying to get used to a new area.  It always takes forever for me to figure out my surroundings, and I felt like I was just figuring everything out in Sumaré when I was transfered.  Oh well.  Obviously the Lord feels like I am capable of learning quickly... I hope he´s right =]

We have also been busy with Christmas things.  We had a ward part and the next day we had the stake christmas party that we went to, and we have been singing a lot of christmas songs in our lessons and in our contacting, and it has been great.  I love sining, and I really love singing with Sister Cornwall.  Christmas makes me feel so wonderful.... not to mention that Sister Cornwall has Manheim Steemrollers Christmas music... we have been enjoying that in the mornings.

It has been so hot here recently.  I am not sure how hot exactly because I have no way to check the tempurature, but its been hot.  (I would love to know how hot its been if someone could look that up for me.... =] )  We have been commanded to drink 3-4 liters of water every day.  I have been failing with that goal, but I am trying.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to drink that much water every day?  Its horrible.  But I will go, I will do the things that Sister Vecchi comands.

Thanks once again for the birthday wishes!
Oh, e

Sister Petersen

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