Monday, September 10, 2012

Jequié: Vol 1 Chap 5

I am doing so wonderful - I just had a really bad cold last week, nothing to be worried about at all =)  This week was so full of blessings once again.  I was a bit discouraged because I had been sick, and our goals for this month are really high, and so at district meeting I was not myself.  Thankfully, one of my Zone Leaders recognized that and he came and talked to me and told me that he has thought for a long time that I have a lot of faith in the Lord and what he is capable of doing, and the only reason why i havent been seeing things happen is because I lack faith in myself.  I thought very seriously about that, and did a few studies this week about miracles and faith.  One thing that is very interesting is that most of the time when miracles happen, they happen simply because someone asked for them and because they believed that they would happen.  I am putting everything I know in practice now - its been my goal for a while now to have 12 more people baptized before I go home, and as of now, no one has been baptized.  But I know it will happen.
On Sunday I was  little discouraged because we went to go pick some of our investigators up and they didnt end up coming, so I was trying to figure out - once again - if there was anything I could do better at, anything I needed to do differently, if I still had the promise of the miracle from the Lord.  And the lesson this week was about doing our part and believing in the Lord and knowing that we still have his promise.  That He keeps his promises.  One of my new favorite scriptures is "Who am I, saith the Lord, to promise and not fufill?"  I love that scripture.  I love feeling the Spirit and knowing that I have the promise of the Lord.  He ALWAYS fufills his promises, most of the time, we just arent looking.

This week we also went to Salvador because Elder Godoy of the 70 was here to give us training.  That was very interesting as well.  I asked him what one of the biggest concerns of the church is right now, and he said that its the youth.  He explained (and I will talk more about it when I get home) how the youth are essencial to this work and to the Kingdom, and satan is working so hard to destroy them before they realize who they are.  It was incredible to hear him talk, to see how emotional he got when he talked about how many of the noble and great fall away because they dont know who they are.  The apostles of these days love us so much.

Sister Boone and I have been getting along well - she reminds me of me when I came out on the mission.  She is ready to do this.  She is going to take great care of this area when I have to go.  I know that this work is true, that Jesus the Christ is at the head of this Church, that He is guiding it, and that we can work at His side.
I love this work and how it is changing me.

até mais!

Sister Petersen

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