Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As missionari​os do Senhor com fé e oracão....(The Missionaries of the Lord with faith and prayer ....)

Sorry, its the Festa Junina, or the Festa de São João, and he and I had to have a little chat on Thursday night because I was not very happy with the festivities in the streets here. But Friday he redeemed himself - the ward here had a party, and of course as with all things, when people follow the rules things are so much more fun. They had a dance, and it was a little bit difficult for me, because they really dance here, fast and slow, with other people. But I was saved by my new friend, Amon. He is 4, I think, and really full of energy all the time. I think he and Megan would be really good friends.

This may sound weird, but I am getting tired of people telling my I am beautiful. Scratch that, I dont mind it when women tell me that, but I am really annoyed with any man who tells me that. Due to the festivities, their have been a lot of drunk people, and so I have heard more than usual this week.

I near about cried when I read about you helping the missionaries. Members are so important. We have been working with a lot of less actives this week, and a lot of the time people leave because they dont feel like they have any support. It is difficult at times working with people. Not that the people themselves are difficult, but people have so many problems, and I have no idea at times how to help with their marriages, with their drinking problems, with children dying. Ok, that is not true. I know that this gospel can help with all problems, and to a degree I understand how through the Atonement. But at the same time, I guess I realized how blessed I have been in my life and how much I have taken for granted. The member that we have here are so wonderful. I have just recently learned that most of the members have only been members for 10 years or less. The fact that I am a child born in the covenant is a miracle. I want so much to give this miracle to others. But conveying the message of this gospel and how it is different and how it can help with everything is difficult at times. But I guess that is our goal in life, to learn how to use the Atonement melhor.

That being said, I know there are some things I need to work on. I need to be a pro-active missionary. Pray for me that I can do that.

Really quick, a couple of things before I forget. I showed our family picture to the other Elders in the area and Elder Fernandas thinks Dad looks like Jack Bauer. That made my day =]

Also, transfers are this Wednesday, and if you could do me a favor that would be great. One of my ZLs is being transfered (Elder Andrezzo) and Im kind of sad about this, because he has helped me a lot. We had a talk about Harry Potter a couple of times (he loves it and is having a hard time with not being able to see the 7th film) and he said I should be in Hufflepuff, but I will forgive him for this. However, he really wants a Gryffindor tie. Just the striped gold and maroon, I think, nothing really special, but they dont have them here in Brazil (and he is from Brazil). And I told him I would figure out a way to get one to him. So if you could search - internet mostlikely - and buy, and send to the missionhome a Gryffindor tie for Elder Andrezzo, I would be most greatful. And I am sure he will cry when he opens it. =]

Also, if you could send me recipes for banana bread, and our chocolate sauce that would be wonderful.

I also have a question for Evan - where did you serve, and how did you end up pronouncing Petersen? No one can figure out my name.

And one more thing - I realize that I am going to miss a lot of country and world events because I am in the bubble of the mission. I don't want to know them now, but if you could make a list of things that happen while I am on my mission and the dates that they happen I can look at it at the end of the mission and figure out how to integrate back into the changing world better =]

I love you all! Keep being wonderful!

Até mais -

Sister Petersen

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