Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MTC Pictures


 Original MTC District
Back Elders Torres, Fullmer, Voges, Malloy, Broadhead, O'Conner, Paxman, Emerson
Front Sisters Sabin, Ogletree, Petersen, Forester, Cornwall

Salvador South missionaries: Elder Malloy, Sisters Forester, Cornwall and Petersen

Elder Bahr and Sister Petersen.  Adam was still in the MTC when Erin got there, he left a couple of weeks before she did still waiting on his visa to Chile.

 THE Map and the companions, Sisters Cornwall, Forester and Petersen

              Erin's caption:  The only man we can hug

 Sister Petersen and Sister Forester

               Sister Petersen not hugging Elder Voges.

 The District with a few changes

 A typical Sister Petersen look for Elder O'Connor

You can see where she considers home, the kids were a bit put out with that.

A true Christ-like service, Sister Cornwall shining her companions shoes.

The Mega-Click, this is all that was left of our ward so and we mostly kept to ourselves, so, the name.

 This picture perfectly captures who we are as a district.  If we were a TV series, this would be the cover for "The District" Season 1.


This would be the cover for "The District" Season 2.

                                              We finally became "Charlies Angels" after all the Elders left
                                              and we were the only ones left in the ward.

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