Monday, August 22, 2011

A luta dura na Bahia mas batisarei...

As I sit here and start to write, I cant think of anything really to write about because I feel like we didnt do a whole lot this past week.  But!  As you can see from the pictures, we did have a baptism!  Hooray for the elect who, when they are told they are ready by a man of God, believe and are baptized without any difficulty!  We have been working with Bruno for about the past month, and I love him.  He is so wonderful, so smart.  When he actually started to read the Book of Mormon, he didnt quit.  He already finished 1 Nephi, and his favorite story is of Lehis vision of the Tree of Life.  He talked about it so much after he read it and all the things he learned from it, the different analogies... its amazing to see people make these connections and really learn about the things we are teaching them.  After that, its just faith that they need to continue on.  The first time that he actually prayed (not just saying the words, but really praying) I wanted to cry.  Sister Freitas and I would always run into him on the street, and Sister Taylor and I did a few times, too, and I know that was the Lord putting him in our path again and again and again, because he was really difficult to work with at the beginning. But by the end, we would walk into the room to teach him and I could always feel the Spirit so strongly.  I know he is going to do so many great things.  I know it.  I am so excited for the life he has ahead of him now, and I am really hoping I will still be here when he receives the priesthood.
Other than that... Just going to keep working, keep finding, keep baptizing, keep teaching, keep smiling, keep fighting, keep breathing, keep testifying.
I love this work.
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Sister Petersen
A picture that Bruno drew and gave to me
Sister Taylors birthday was the 11and so the Elders made her a cheesecake.  It was really delicious.

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