Monday, August 1, 2011

...we´ll give our strength to God above...

Oi minha familia e amigos!

Estou feliz.  Estou muito cansada, mas, isso é minha trabalha, e eu sei que O Senhor me abençou esta semana muito.
This week was excellent!  I am amazed more and more each week with the things the Lord blesses me with.  I have also learned to be really, really specific in my prayers, because the Lord answers them.  For example, this past week we prayed to find a family with 7 people who were of baptismal age, and we found a family of 8, but all of the kids dont live at home.  We also prayed for one of our investigators that she would quit drinking coffee so that she could be baptised.  And she quit.  But she didnt want to be baptised this week (we are still trying to figure out why...)  I know the Lord answers the prayers of His servants - I just need to learn to be a little more specific. We had so many lessons and made so many contacts and have so many new people that we are working with.  This week really was a miracle, and I continue to learn that when I work, the Lord blesses my efforts 10 fold.  Which means if I work harder.... =] I am excited for this week to come.

As you can tell from the pictures, we also had a baptism this week!  Efraim is so great, our future apostle from Brazil, and I know he will be such a good missionary once he learns to wake up on time and walk a little faster =]  We had a few problems finding him Sunday morning so that he could be confirmed (sound familiar?) but all is well for those who work extremely hard.

I am also excited because we should have the baptisms of 3 little girls this week, Grazielly, Fabiana and Caliane.  We are also teaching Cailane, but she is only 7.  They are soooo cute, and they call Sister Freitas and I ´tia´.  They also live in the same neighborhood as us, so every once in a while we will hear ´Oi, tia!´ and it will be them, calling for us.  I kind of feel a little bit like a mother hen during sacrament meeting, though.  Normally, I keep an eye on them and Sister Freitas talks to our other investagators, so they sit by me during sacrament and I try to entertain them a little bit with my puzzle of the Plan of Salvation and after sacrament I try not to lose them.  It is so much fun, and I love them so much.  They are doing such a good job with reading the Book of Mormon, too.

I just got the newsletter where you talked about all your mosquito problems, and let me tell you - I know how you feel!  The other day I counted and I had 8 mosquito bites on one hand.  Yes, just my hand, from the wrist down.  Its sad, really.  One of the Elders asked the other day if I had already had chicken pox, because it really does look like I have them sometimes. Its sad.

I also have a few requests, if you love me.  I would really really really really really really really like music.  Like, really really.  I would also like a couple of Green Bay Packers shirts so I can trade with some of the Brazilian Elders for different soccer shirts.  And I want peanutbutter and gummyworms.  Like I said, you only have to send things if you love me =]

I hope you are having fun in Germany!  Love you all!

Até mais -

Sister Petersen

In regular clothes!  We had a service project this last Saturday, Mãos que Ajudam
Clara and Jaiane, the sisters of Efraim
Efraim!  He will be an apostle someday
Everyone in white =]
Zone Itabuna - and I took it today =]
in front we have Elders Tarbet?, Brandão, Fernandes, De Campos, eu, Ricker, Freitas, De Oliveira.  In the back, Zollwig, Vitelli, Pontes, Andrade (with the ball in his face)

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