Monday, September 26, 2011


Alrighty, so it turns out that the reason we went to Salvador is because we had a conference of all of the Sisters in our mission!  It was amazing - Sister Forester, Sister Cornwall and I were finally reunited after all this time =]  It was wonderful to get to see everyone, to hear about all the different areas, how things are going, and to get some training as well (training is always good!).  The next day, Sister Taylor and I spent the day in Salvador because she had to renew her visa, and that was a bundle of problems.  Leave it to Elders... they tell us to be somewhere at 9:30am... no, 10:30am (they changed their minds), not tell us how to get there and not tell us what we needed when we were there.... we were on the bus a lot that day going back and forth between places.  But it was neat to get to spend the day in Salvador with the secretaries, learn a little bit about what they do, see a little bit of areas that we will never serve in because apparently they are dangerous or something... I wish Id taken more pictures, but its a little difficult.  I also learned just how much fun it is to go out with the secretaries, because they have lots of money.  Like, lots.  I will not tell you how much money we spend on busses and taxis (all of which were necessary) but it was a little bit disgusting.  But we were also able to go out to eat, and that was kind of nice.  After we got all of the visa stuff figured out, the Elders didnt know what to do with us, so we ended up back at the office and did.... a lot of nothing.  Which drove Sister Taylor and I a little crazy.  We were able to have a little bit of fun; we had a rubberband war and the letter openers they have are these little samuri swords... so we played with those, too.  We also got to see the all-powerful whiteboard that has all of the pairs of missionaries on it, where they are serving and their companions... and I´m not there =[ Every missionary is supposed to have a little card with information on it, but apparently the printer broke, and I still dont have one.  After nearly going crazy in the office, we finally convinced Elder Clemmens to let us go teaching with him, and we got to walk the slums of Salvador... and I fell in love with them a little bit.  Salvador is completely different than Itabuna, and I have such a desire to serve there.  But the area we were in happens to belong to the assistents to the president... so I am going to have a little chat with President Vecchi and see if we can work something out...
All this traveling means that Sister Taylor and I havent had much sleep.  Monday night and Wednesday night we spent on the bus, and I dont think I slept at all, but we have been getting over that today (we slept a lot already)

And mother, one of the wonders about being the the office of the secretaries, I saw your letter that you wrote to Pres. Vecchi.  Just so you know, I did talk to Sister Vecchi the day before at the conference, and she is looking into scheduling an appointment for me.  Dont fret =]

Love you!!

Até mais - 

Sister Petersen
                                                                                              Reunited at last!
                My mother and father of the mission... the story behind this picture would be that I have beat them with the things that they are holding in their hands... I am not a very good child at times... =]
                                Our night with the Sisters in Salvador.  They never use that bedroom, and it looked and felt like a haunted house.  We were scared, if you cant tell.
                   Daniel (who was baptized two weeks ago) baptized Rafael - one of the neatest experiences ever =]

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