Monday, October 3, 2011


Sorry that all this is is answering questions - I had a lot of emails because I didnt get a lot of them last week and I wrote to more people than normal (dad, nicholas, emma, carmen, ect)
I love you, this week was good, hope you are doing well in Utah ( i kinda miss Utah to tell the truth) try to see Emily for me if you have time =]


Sister Petersen

1. How are you feeling?  Are you gaining any weight? 
I have gained about 2.5lbs and its staying steady at that weight, so I am not too worried.  i have been feeling great!
2. Have the medical tests been set up yet? 
I will be going to the doctor Thursday.  Say a prayer for me that I will remember and know how to relay all the information I want to.
3. Did you get the package in the tube yet with your camera cord in it?  I know it was delivered a couple weeks ago to the mission office.  I thought you would get it when you were there for the sister's conference but you didn't mention it.
     I did! and I love it!  I have to figure out how to put it up now... thanks so much!
4. Do you still love me? ;)
Of course!  You are beautiful!  Thank you sooooo much for the pictures in your last email.  I miss seeing you and the rest of the family.  Pictures really do help
5. Who do you hear from?
Um.... You... Dad... my siblings... companions from the MTC... Carmen... and Elder Bahr.  The End =]  But I really dont have a problem with not getting mail - it really doesnt phase me the way most missionaries say that its so important... my english is going out the window, goodness gracious....  Elder Bahr is the only one I have gotten letters from, besides the ones you send through mission ties
6. Any Christmas requests? We will need to send off the package very soon.  We won't be sending you a pinata, it is just too expensive to ship stuff, maybe you can buy one there and we cold send the stuff to fill it.  Let me know.
 Um.... I dont know. Marshmellows! My hymnbook in english! shout or tidepens... umm..I will think about this...
7. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you so far.
Oh gosh... I am near about brain dead when I show up to write these emails, I will let you know... Um... I might have to think on this one for a while.  a lot of them have to do with circumstances... Oh!  This past week Sister Taylor and I were teaching a woman and she is a little... emphatic about things.  Overly dramatic.  So she was telling this story about how she went to a different church and a missionary there ´said a word that offeneded me´ to translate roughly.  Sister Taylor then asked with a completely straight face ´what word? ´  And I about lost it for the rest of the lesson.  Every time I would catch Sister Taylor~s eye, I would have to try sooo hard nott to start laughing
8. Did you listen to General Conference?
I did.  All in portugues.  It was a little terrible (ask Nicholas to explain) but wonderful at the same time.  I loved the talk that Elder Uchtdorf gave - I really felt like he gave that talk especially for me.  and the talk by Elder Anderson was terrible, too.  I do not know how to explain it; I have always wanted to get married, always wanted to have kids, but there have been a couple of things that have happened on the mission and my desire to have kids has grown 40fold.  It is completely ridiculous.  Especially because I cant do anything about it right now.  And I sit there and ask the Lord if He thinks Hes funny.  He thinks He is =]  Or maybe just smart.

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