Monday, October 31, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood :)


SO!  This week has been... crazy.  It started with our Zone Leader, Elder Fernandes, getting emergency transfered to Salvador, AND with the knowledge that Elder Campos´s companion wouldnt arrive until this Wednesday... which means we have spent a LOT of time with Elder Campos these past few days so that he wont be alone.  Saturday he was with us the entire day - we studied together in the church, we had lunch together at a member´s house, and then we visited a few of the investigators that Sister Taylor and I have and then we went over to his area.  Oh my goodness, their area is SO different than ours!  Its a lot poorer and they have soooo many more hills (really, really, really steep hills) and - I dont understand how - their area is a lot hotter, too.  Now understand that our areas are in the same ward, its not like there is a lot that separates the areas, but their area is soooo different.  And it was a lot of fun to work with Elder Campos - he is gaúcho, and speaks portuguêse the way it should be spoken, and he was talking a lot about Rio Grande do Sul and Florianopolis... and I am pretty sure I have to go visit him after the mission.  He was with us almost all day yesterday, and he will stay with us almost all day today.  Its different, but I like it =]

We also started teaching an English class this week, and it has been soooo much fun.  The first night we had more than 100 people there!  The second night there were only about 50, but thats a lot better. Sister Taylor and I taught everyone how to sing the ABCs song in English =]  I loved it.

And my camera died =[ To tell the truth, I dropped it, and it didnt actually die, but the lense is bent and so it wont open =[  I am very, very sad.

And I am being transferred!  I am headed to Conquista, a city about 5 hours south of Itabuna, and it is really really dry there, so I have been told.  which I am a little excited for, because its so humid here and its been killing me.  Not only that, but I am pretty sure my new companion will be Sister Andrade, and she trained Sister Forester!  So I am excited.  I will be a bit sad to leave Itabuna... I have almost been here 6 months and have really gotten to know the people and the ward well.  Half of our zone here is changing, and its weird to see everyone leaving.  I am excited, though, because Sister Freitas is being transferred to the area that will be next to mine in Conquista, so we will still be in the same zone.  And we get to travel together tomorrow night.

And thats about all folks! 
This is Sister Petersen, signing off for the last time from Itabuna, São Caetano.

Até mais, boa sorte e boa noite

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