Monday, October 17, 2011

Term Paz Minha Alma (

Today, we spent the morning practicing music because our zone has been asked (by the lovely assistents to the president) to present a musical number at zone conference this thursday.  Let me tell you, its difficult learning a piece of music in one day when practically no one knows anything about music =]  I love my zone.  And I am excited for zone conference. We finally figured out that we will sing Be Still my Soul, which I am excited about - I really like that hymn.  And want to know what else I did today?  I ate at Subway. !!! =O !!!! How exciting is that?!  Let me tell you, it was really exciting... a foot long, chicken teryaki with sweet onion sauce... yumm....  The Elders were a little surprized I was able to eat it all, but to tell the truth.. I am still kinda hungry.  We will go home soon and I will figure out something else to eat.
I feel like every time I get on here I talk about someone new, so theres no way you ever really get to know the people I am talking about, which makes me feel a little bad at times.  We really do go through people so fast at times.  But thats what happens when practially everyone lets you in the door, even when they are not the least bit interested in the message we have to share.  And everyone believes in God and thinks that what we are doing is good and the message we have is true... just not for them.  Just not for now.  Just not if they have to come to church =]  But thats not what I wanted to talk about!  I wanted to talk about Jackson, who we have worked with off and on for months now.  I met him with Sister Freitas, and he has come in and out of our investigator pool a couple of times.  The lessons we would have with him would always be so good, I would always feel the Spirit really strongly, and then I would always get really confused, because he never progressed at all.  But this past two weeks he has made sooooo much progress and yesterday he went to church (and as I sidenote I may add that sacrament has NEVER been that reverant in the 5 months I have been here!) and he liked it a lot and said that he knows that this is the right path for him!  Sister Petersen did a little dance of joy inside her head when he said that.  You would have to know him to understand completely, but he likes to joke around a lot and sometimes he will say something and I am not sure if he is being serious about it, so it took a little bit more to convince me that he was being serious when he said that, but he was =]
I am excited.  Say a prayer for him =]


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Sister Petersen

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