Monday, October 24, 2011


So, spent another two hours at the doctor today waiting to get the results of the exames and the results are in..... and..... Sister Petersen is perfectly fine.  Which is good.  And annoying at the same time.  All the doctor could say is that I need to rest more during the day.  I was diagnoised (i hate not having spell check and I hate not remembering how to spell in english) with fatigue.  I always thought that sounded really whimpy, but I can honestly say that I understand what fatigue means now.  She asked a little about our schedule (we leave at 11, eat lunch 12-1, work until 9 stopping for half hour to an hour for dinner) and her suggestion was to break up working more: start at 9 work till noon, rest for two hours, work from 2-7 and be done for the day.  We left the doctor and the Irma that went with us to help basically said ´These doctors dont know anything.  They dont know the work you do, they dont know why you do it, they dont know the power you have recieved and they dont know the blessings you are receiving and how the Lord is watching over you.´ It made me happy.  That being said, Sister Vecchi will be advised as to what the doctor said and she will talk with the area medic for the mission.  I am in good hands =]  And I have been feeling a lot better, so dont worry.

And my package arrived in Salvador!  Hooray!!!  It so happens that my old Zone Leader became the Assistent to the President, and he was nice enough to call and let me know that it got there.  He may or may not have had an alternative reason for calling, since he knew that there was stuff in there for him... but we will say that his motives were pure =]  Its a little annoying that it showed up when it did (Saturday) because if it had come a week earlier, I would have it now, because this past Thursday we had Zone Conference.  Which was amazing, I might add.  One of our leaders told a story, and it went a little like this:

Once upon a time there was a kingdom of Ducks.  One day, the king of the Ducks made an amazing discovery and called all the Ducks in the kingdom together so he could tell them about it.  When they all arrived, he proclaimed My beloved Ducks!  I have made a discovery that will change our lives: We Ducks can fly!!!!
The whole kingdom of ducks was so excited, everyone was talking about it and how they couldnt wait to fly for themselves.  And then they all walked home.

And that is how we live life so many times.  We are told in Conference and when we read the scriptures and pray and receive answers from God they things that we are capable of doing.  We hear these things and think Wow... thats so amazing.... but we never do anything to apply it, to do the things that we are capable of doing.  We are capable of so much more than we do at times.  I read the stories in the Book of Mormon and the Bible and realize that I am no different than any of these men and women.  I have the same right, the same capability to see angels, to perform miracles, to change lives.  And you do too =]

And this is Sister Petersen´s very short letter!
(brought to you by the letter ´B´and the number 7)


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