Monday, May 2, 2011

New Schedule and Missionaries

This new schedule has kinda thrown us for a loop a couple of times and has really make me realize how important communication is when you're doing things that other people depend on.  But I think we finally have everything figured out. I hope.  We almost couldn't email again today. But here I am!

This week... I have a horrible memory, so I'll apologize for that.  Elder Oaks came this past week!  He gave us a lot of advice about our missions, but alot of it was lists of things, and I don't remember them right now.  But his wife also spoke to us, and she said "Negitive thought are never from the Lord."  That has kind of been my focus for the rest of the week.  Not that I have negative thoughts a lot, I know it's just something I can work on and it will help me to improve.

Lets see.... Oh! You asked if I ever do anything fun, and the answer is of course!  Just one quick example, one night after we got back to our residence, we decided that we were going to have a talent show for each other in the companionship.  So as we were getting ready in the bathroom, Sister Ogletree showed us a clogging routine she remembered, Sister Cornwall sang (beacuse we found out she played Belle in Beauty and the Beast) and (this might take a little explainating later) I showed off my ability to immitate an Australian accent - a talent I didn't know I had until last week.  I'm pretty good =]

We also got a new Distict in this week, so our branch doubled in size!  10 missionaries, 4 of them are Sisters, so I've finally had to do something more as a Coordinating Sister!  It's been fun getting to know them, and two of them are going to the same mission as me, so that's always nice.  It's also means I've gotten to work with the Zone Leaders more to help set up trainings and such and I love those Elders.  Adamson, Largent Ruesch - I don't know if I've talked about them before, but they might be the best missionaries in the MTC.  No joke.  They are so much fun but they're also really good at getting things done, which is always good.

Oh, I should probably tell you about last night.  So we have Deviotionals on Sundays, too, and we were just sitting in our seats when a man comes over and says he needs one of us to help him.  Then he points at me and says "I need you."  I was a little confused, but I followed him up to the front of room and sat where he told me to (in the front row) and said he needed me to help him read somthing in a little bit.  It finally clicked in my head that he was the person who was speaking (I don't remember his name right now, sorry) and that meant that I was going to be standing up in front of the entire MTC and I would probably be on camera, too (they have the room set up kinda like the conference center with the screens on either side of the podium so that everyone can see the speaker).  So he calls a couple other missionaries up to help him read and he has them representing people, like Nephi and Isaiah, and I'm trying to figure out who he's going to have me represent, and then our "Nephi" starts reading about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and he calls me up.  So I think that's pretty neat that I was picked to represent her, and as I'm walking over to where he is he says "Now Mary was really young when the angel came to her, only about 14 or 15, we think.  So I found the youngest looking Sister missionary I could find to represent her."  And then everything made sense =]  But it was still a little neat to read her words and to stand and represent her.  All those years of playing her in our Nativity have payed off! =]

I love you all!  Keep doing good and remember who you are and what makes you happy

Sister Petersen
PS. Part of this new schedule is that Erin's Pday is now on Mondays.

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