Monday, November 28, 2011

A Conquista da Conquista: Vol. 1 Chp. 4

Today, we had Thanksgiving with our entire zone, and Presidente Vecchi decided to make an appearence!  It was soooo good - not many people eat turkey here, but we had chicken, stuffing, rolls, salad, macaroni, sweetpotatoes (made with the marshmellows I received in my Christmas package!) rice, and even pumpkin pie!  A few of the things were a little bit different (did you know that sweet potatoes here are white?) and it was a little ridiculous to see the Elders trying to cook things like gravy and corn.  Yes.  Corn.  One of the beloved Elders in the zone (Elder Duncan) didnt know how to make corn.  We are proud that he was able to open the can by himself =]  We had a testemony meeting after we ate, and everyone talked about the things they were thankful for and then bore a their testimony.
Afterwards we played frisbee and uno (which they have a lot more rules for here) and had our interviews with the president, which went a little long... so I dont have a lot of time to write!
But.... let it be said, that we worked, we prayed, we sacrificed, we laughed, we cried, we received revelation, and it was a week accepted by the Lord.

Até mais -

Sister Petersen

and sorry i still havent sent pictures - the computers here are REALLY slow and I dont have time to let them upload =[  But now I know, and next week you will have pictures

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