Monday, November 21, 2011

Conquista de Conquista: Vol. 1 Chp 3

This week was a learning week, yet again.  Sister Andrade and I have come to the conclusion that we are not receiving much inspiration because... we dont need it.  You know when that point arrives in your life when no one has to tell you pick up the toys after you play, because you know you are supposed to do it?  Yeah, we have hit that point.  Supposedly, it shows growth and change... But I still dont like it =]  I feel a little lost, and I was thinking in Sacrament meeting about the things I am supposed to be doing to help the missionary work in this area grow, and the only thought I came up with is to continue what we are doing.  Which would be a great feeling, if I didnt feel like I was hitting my head against a wall at times... I just gotta have faith that that is not what I am doing.

I also have reason to be very greatful - this past week the sisters in the area next to us werent answering their phone, and the Elders were worried about them, so they went over to check on them and werent able to get there until 11:30pm.  They were fine, the phone just wasnt working and they had forgotten to call to pass in their numbers.  So Sister Andrade and I were up till the Elders called us to say they were ok, because we were a little worried.  The next day we get a call, and the same Sisters had their apartment broken into and their camera, money, and a few other things stolen.  Thankfully they werent home when this happenned, but they ended up spending the night at our apartment... So Sister Petersen is running on very little sleep, yet again in the mission.

And another thing that seems to be reaccuring - we played volleyball again to day, and this time I machuquei my other hand.  Yup.  My thumb and my knuckle are a little larger than they should be, but I will brave through it.

Oh! I recieved my Christmas package!  Thank you very much!  The window clings are up (Sister Andrade liked those) and the Christmas tree, and the presents were placed above the tree - I will send you a picture next week.  In other news, I also bought a camera!  Hooray!  I am a little sad - its the same brand as my other one, but its an older model, and it was R$269.  Ridiculous.  But it works!  I only took 3 pictures today, but I will take lots and send them to you next week - promise.

And.... thats about all.
Signing off on a cloudy, but as of yet rain-free day -

Sister Petersen

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