Monday, November 14, 2011

Conquista de Conquista: Vol. I Chp. 2

And the journey continues to be very wet here in the land of Conquista.  Tuesday and Wednesday it rained soooo much, and it wasreally heavy rain, which is unusual here.  But that didnt stop Sister Andrade and I from teaching two lessons outside during this time.  Oh the joys of not being able to enter houses when there isnt anotherwoman around...

And yet with all of this rain, will you believe that the other issue we ran into this week was a lack of water?  Yep, we went to fill the baptismal font (because Mariana was baptised - HOORAY!!!) and I turned
the font on... and no water proceeded forth from the font.  I have no idea what broke, but Sister Andrade and I spent the next two hours filling up buckets of water and dumping them into the font so that there would be enough water.  We were blessed in two ways.  1. The font was already part of the way filled because of the baptism that fell through the week before, and we forgot to let the water out.  2. Evanaldo, a young man in the ward, happened to be at the church, and so he helped us, too.  It was great fun =]

Other than that, I continue to have people think I am much younger than I am.  Usually, people wont give me more than 18 years old, but normally its 16.  But one lady gave me 12 in Itabuna.  This week I gave the closing prayer in sacrament meeting, and afterwards one of the irmãos in the ward said something to the effect that I looked like I was 10, but my voice sounds like it belongs to someone who has 50 years.  Yeah... we are going to go on the side of, that was not a compliment =]

In other news, this letter will be short, because Sister Petersen played volleyball today (be it know, that of the 3 duplas of Sisters in Conquista, only Sister Petersens dupla showed up for the zone activity with the Elders). Whilst in the midst of playing, she looked at her arms (which were very red because she was playing so much) and realized that one of her knuckles? (I have no idea how to spell in English anymore) looked funny.  Comparing it to her other hand, she realized that it was about twice the size as normal.  We are fairly certain that she burst a blood vessel in her hand, and while we have hopes of a full recovery, her hand is hurting a bit, and typing isn’t helping.

Até mais -
Sister Petersen

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