Monday, February 13, 2012

A Conquista da Conquista: Vol. 3 Chpt. 4: In which we have to call three times a day, come home before dark, a strike ends, and we do more work than any other week

Oi pela casa!

Yes, the strike has ended, and, my dearest Mother, I didnt tell you more about it because I didnt know more about it.  Conquista is pretty calm compared to the other parts of Bahia.  I know that in Sumaré there was a lot of gunfire in one of the neighborhoods where the sister were working... I did fail to tell you that someone tried to rob us, but you will have to forgive me for that.  I am telling you now.  I think the guy didnt know what he was doing, because he asked for our cellphones, Sister Andrade said we didnt have any, that we were missionaries and all we had were books and she showed him her bible, her felt her bag a little bit and let us go and apologized.  He didnt even look at me, (which is really weird because EVERYONE looks at me) but I am pretty sure thats because there of your prayers being answered for my safety.
Other than that, we had to call in three time a day letting our leaders know we were alive and in the middle of the week we started having to come in before dark.  But all in a days work.  We were still able to get a lot of things done, find a lot of people and work hard, which is all I can ask for.  And the end of the greve happened sooner than I thought it would, but I think its because of Carnival, too.  There is no way that the state could function during Carnival without the police.  They timed their strike very stratigically.
As for the missionary work, Sister Andrade and I are working and studying so hard.  There were so many times during this week when we left lessons and she told me that I had said exactly what she was thinking or when she said something that I was thinking.  Por exemplo: we were teaching a kid about the Book of Mormon and how to apply it to our lives, and I thought to share the story about Nefi when he breaks his bow.  We read a little, and then I asked him what he would do in that situation, and he said "Well, I would just make another one out of wood."  Woah.  Yeah, thats EXACTLY what you should do.  I have never used the story before on the mission, and when we left his house Sister Andrade told me that before I said anything she thought that we should share that story with him.
I know that this gospel is true, that this church is true, that the Holy Ghost tells us exactly what we need to do and how we need to do it, and if we follow his whispers, we will have peace in our lives.  Sei que é a verdade.  Deus é um deus de milagres.

Até mais - guarda a fé!

Sister Petersen

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