Monday, February 6, 2012

A Conquista da Conquista: Vol. 3 Chpt. 3: In which we learn the reality of "when the cats away, the mice come out to play

This week was once again full of hard work and miracles.  We were able help 4 youth get to church on Sunday and they are all friends taking the discusions together.  It gets a little rowdy at times... so we will have to figure out how to keep the Spirit in our lessons a little better.  But I like them all a lot - our ward is lacking a bit with youth, and I think the entire ward liked having them there.  Sunday we also found a family that looks very promising.  Its always great when you explain the Book of Mormon to someone and they understand and have intelligent questions.
We have also learned a little about faith and hope, and that when we set righteous goals, Satan doesnt want us to reach them.  To explain: the police here in Bahia are on strike.  All of them.  Which means there has been a little... disturbance of the peace in a few areas, and today we were informed that we cant go into one part of our area... which would happen to be the part that we are working in.  It made me think a lot about the Book of Mormon and the war chapters, and the idea that when our political leaders are corrupt, the entire civilization is in jeoperdy.  It also made me realize that those war chapters are a whole lot more applicable to our days and the future than I ever thought before.  They really are there to guide us and to help us figure out what we should be doing and who we should be standing with.  They talk about the leaders on both sides of the fight and the qualities and arguments that the leaders have for doing what they are doing.  It is interesting to compare to what leaders are saying and doing now... its quite the reflection.
But in everything, I still have an unshakeable hope in the things we are doing.  The Great Jehovah has not said "The work is done", and therefore I know that there is much work to do, and that He is here working with us.
Obrigada por suas orações - elas ajudam mais do que vocês sabem.
Um grande abraço -

Sister Petersen

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