Monday, May 14, 2012

Lauro de Freitas: Vol 1 Chpt 5

Let me think of something I can tell you about the week.... oh!  When we got home last night there was a spider the size of my hand on the wall.  Yup.  Unfortunately, Sister Nascimento was really worried about it and she killed it before I could take a picture.  So I only got to take a picture of it after it was dead.  But I will send the picture to you soon.  I feel so fufilled here on the mission - I finally saw a really big spider.  And I saw monkeys the other day!!!  That was pretty darn exciting, I wont lie.  Monkeys... its kind of amazing.

The people we are working with here are so amazing - its really great to be able to see their growth in the gospel and realize how it has helped them change who they are and reazlie their self worth.  This gospel really is amazing.

It was sooooo good to see you guys yesterday!  Its amazing to see how everyone has grown!  I love you all!  Hope you have a great week!

Beijios -

Sister Petersen

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