Monday, May 7, 2012

Lauro de Freitas: Vol 1 Chpt 4

Sorry that my other email took forever to get to you... I'm not sure why that happenned.
We have good news!  Sister Petersen will be going to a doctor tomorrow and she will receive exactly what kinds of drugs the mission wants me to use!  There is a doctor who has worked with the mission for a while and he know more of the program that the church uses to help the missionaries, and so basically I will go in with Presidente Vecchi and will explain a little of how I have been feeling and Presidente will tell him what medicines our doctors have recommended and he will write us a prescription.

 I dont really know if I am getting better or worse or staying the same... I dont feel normal, that much I know, and I am completely and utterly exhausted.  And there are times when everything seems a little... surreal.  I dont know how else to describe it.  I think its more the the depression side of things kicking in, which I am not thrilled about, but I know that everything will get better soon, so I am not too worried.

The best thing that happened this week... I dont know.... there were a lot of little things.  I kind of was district leader this week, which was kind of neat - our leader lost his phone, and he lives close to us, so I got to talk to him and get his numbers for everything, ask him how his week was and if he wanted anything passed on to the Zone Leaders, and then I passed the numbers and information on the Zone Leaders, who were very impressed that I had thought of asking and passing along information about how the week was.
And today we went to Pelourinho - I will have to send pictures next week, but it was really pretty.  And the ocean is soooo pretty - have I mentioned that?  I love that we are close to the ocean and I get to see it and smell it every once in awhile.

I am having a hard time thinking of things right now... we knocked down a birds nest that was in our house - we let them raise their little chicks and once they knew how to fly we kicked em out.  Because its our house.  And I dont think we are allowed to have others living there =)

Sunday I will be able to talk for an hour - no more, but no less =)

Love you all!  Muito obrigada por tudo!

Sister Petersen

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