Monday, April 30, 2012

Lauro de Freitas: Vol 1 Chpt 3

 1. Did you get your Easter package finally?  If so, what sort of condition was the bread in?  I hope you enjoyed it.
I did!  Thanks so much!  Everything was great... except for the bread =( it went moldy, which I am really sad about.  (I tried an experiment, I vacuum sealed a small loaf of homemade bread, obviously it still took too long to get to  her)

2. Have you made plans yet for us to visit on Mother's Day?  Our church is still from 9-12noon.  It appears that we are once again 2 hours different, so our church is from 11-2pm your time.
 Ok, yeah, we are going to skype at an investigators house.... and probably at about 230 or 30.  I need my password for one of my gmails so that I can talk to you through that - so you NEED to send it to me next week!

3. You asked me to update you blog, do you want the stuff in your emails put on it about your anxiety and such?  I wasn't sure if you would want that posted.
Yeah, I dont have a problem with you putting it up there.  Who knows?  Maybe it will help someone out someday

4. How are you doing, better, worse, the same? Have you been put on medication?  How often are you scheduled to see the psychiatrist?
Medication is a hassle - I still havent been because the mission wont allow me to use the one that was prescribed.  They are trying to talk to the doctor about that and get me on a differnt one.  Still, Sister Stull talked to me and told me that it will take about 3 weeks for the medication to take affect, which I think I knew but at the same time... it was a rough day.  I really just want to feel better.  I am scheduled to see the doctor about every 15 days, so its coming up again.  I am just kind of feeling... numb, and trying to keep myself going.  Talk to Sister Stull helps, because she lets me know that how I am feeling is normal.  But at the same time its no fun not feeling like myself.

Sister Nascimento is great - really really great.  She is really understanding, really upbeat, and really proactive - all things that I need right now.  It makes me wish I was feeling better at times, because I know how great we would work together.  Now its just a little frustrating, and I am trying not to get frustrated about it, because we make plans and goals and I dont feel like I am helping because there is absolutly nothing in my head.  I cant remember people that we have talked to or what we talked about...  And I am very thankful for Elder Malloy, because he has been helping me out because he isnt stressed about numbers and he already knew me, too. And that always helps.

This week Elder Clayton of the 70 visisted - so we all went to Salvador to listen to him.  And Sister Cornwall, Elder MacDonald and Elder Higley and I sang "Come thou Fount" for him, and it was soooo beautiful.  Not to mention that I had a prayer answered, too.  About two weeks ago I was really craving tacos.  Yes, crazy I know.  When Sister Cornwall and I went to practice the song the morning of the serão Presidente Vecchi had a council with the ZL and they always have lunch afterwards.  Guess what they had for lunch.  Yes.  Tacos.  And guess who was invited to eat with them.  Us!  It was pretty great.

I think thats about everything for now.  Oh!  I am going to need to buy shoes, and I have no idea how much they are going to be... I havent looked at how much I have on my card yet but I will.  If you could look and if you think I might need more just put it on that would be wonderful.

Love you all!  Hope Emma feels better soon!

Amo vocês!

Sister Petersen

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