Monday, April 23, 2012

Lauro de Freitas: Vol 1 Chpt 2

Yes!  I am here in Salvador!  Actually I am in Lauro de Freitas, but it is a city right outside of Salvador, and it is soooo good!  Its a lot hotter - more like Itabuna - and the mosquitos have found me again... I had forgotten about the mosquitos.  Sister Nascimento is my new companion, and Sister Petersen has finally become a senior companion!  Not that that really means much - I have no idea what to do here still because the area is huge and the ward has a lot of people in it, but they all seem really nice and really helpful.  And Sister Nascimento is great - she is really up beat and on top of things and I am really excited to work with her.  She also told me that one of the people that I found on an exchange in Ilhéus was baptized and he is preparing to serve a mission!  That was amazing to hear.  I already knew that he had been baptized, but to know that he is getting ready to serve a mission.... that is so amazing.  Also, I dont know if you remember Elder Malloy from the MTC, but he is my district leader!  Oh the tender mercies of the Lord....  He really does love his children and know whats best for them.

Lets see... we had a sisters conference again, and it was really good.  I dont know if they exist in the USA, but here they have short time missionaries who are called to serve in the same mission that they are from and usually for only a few transfers.  We have 6 of them right now, which brings the number of sister missionaries up to 21!  There are a lot of us, and we are doing good work.

I went to see the psyciatrist... that was a little interesting just because of the language barrier - I think he thought that I understood less than I did.  But it was good.  We are getting things all figured out.  At one point he said to me "So, tell me about your childhood..." and I thought of Silly Songs with Larry.  Who would have thought that Veggie Tales was helping me prepare for my life?

It appears that Matheus understood your email just fine - he wrote me a little today and shared some things that helped a lot.  But I wouldnt have a problem with someone translated for him.

Well, I should write to Presidente - love you!!!  Glad you are all safe!!! Update my blog!!! =]

até mais -

Sister Petersen

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