Monday, May 21, 2012

Lauro de Freitas: Vol 1 Chpt 6

Well... thanks for letting me know Brian is pregnant....  Thats about the only thing I got out of that email, just so you know =)

Let me tell you about this week.  It started out with the spider, which you already know about, and the week proceeded in good stride.  We bought umbrellas because it has been raining buckets (I would send you pictures but the computer wont let me) and after a week of use our umbrellas broke.  It has been reatively cold here this week and we dont have hot water, which means we have been heating up water on the stove to take showers (we will call someone to get that fixed this week).  Half of our house doesnt have water, the half with the sink and the washing machine.  The streets here have been flooding and so almost every day we have had walk in water up to our ankles at least once during the day.  We found that a mouse has been living in our house and the bird that was living in our house has tried to come back and we keep having to kick him out.

In short, our week was rough, and tiring.  Sunday rolled around and we went to get an investigator.  He is a little special (he actually reminds me alot of Devin) and we have been teaching his family, but he is the one who is always ready for church and always listens to us when we come.  We were walking to church with him and he starts talking about how he was reading the Liahona about baptism, how he  has always wanted to be baptized but every time he prayed about it in the past (before meeting us) he felt like he shouldnt, that he should wait until he found "the waters of the Lord".  And he asked us how he could be baptised, because he feels like he should be baptized in the church.  It was amazing.  We have never ever spoken about baptism with him at all.

When we got to church two of our other investigators got there at the same time and the came and watching the classes and went to sacrament meeting and as we were waiting for it to start one of the senhoras was talking about how much she liked the church, that its so great, that she feels so good here, and she knows she was already baptized the Catholic church, but she is going to get herself baptized in this church because its so great.  Yet another person we have never talked about baptism with.

The Lord is amazing, and we works miracles every day. Every single day.  I love being a part of them, I love seeing them, I love feeling the power of them.

Até o próximo!

Sister Petersen

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