Monday, June 18, 2012

Lauro de Freitas: Vol 2 Chap 4

Hey hey!  Looks like I got up before you today =)

This past week we had our final Zone Conference with President Vecchi - it was more a preparation for when President Andrezzo will come, which will be at the end of this month.  Its a little weird to think about that... I will definately miss him, but I know that President Andrezzo will be wonderful as well.  At the end of the conference President and Sister Vecchi let us ask questions - whatever sort of question that we wanted, anything that we wanted to know about them that we have always wanted to ask and never had the courage to ask... it was interesting what some people decided to ask about.  They really are so amazing and I feel so blessed that I got to know them and that they were my leaders.  When Elder Clayton of the 70 came to visit he told us that a lot of the time when the apostles are praying about where missionaries should go, they usually ask the question "What mission president can best help this missionary?" and I know that that is part of the reason that I am serving here.  I have learned so much from the Vecchis, and I am so greatful for their service and love.  We also sang for them "A Child's Prayer" which is one of Presidnt Vecchi's favorite hymns.  The day of the conference was a bit of a mess for us - we had to run afterwards to a doctor appointment for Sister Nascimento and riding on the bus and in taxis all day isnt really fun, but we made the most of it!

I think I have already talked a little bit about Marcos, but he continues to amaze me.  We went to teach him the other day about service, and when we got there he started talking to us, and he said "I want to help our church.  I want to help with the chapel, I want to help with the kids, with the youth, with the adults, I want to share my testimony, I want to help and go on visits with you, I want to visit the members and I want to do everything I can.  And you know the boys who give the bread and the water to people?  I want to do that, too."  It was amazing.  He just kept going on and on about how he wanted to help.  And we thought we were going to teach him something that day - he always teaches us when we go there.  Its his birthday today and he invited the whole ward to come to his party.  He is really excited.

The ward had their Festa Juninha this weekend, too.  I dont know if you remember last year when I wrote about São João, but it has reached that time of year again.  Next week I will try to send pictures to you.  It was a lot calmer this year.  A lot of people go on vacation and leave the capital for this holiday.  The festa was a lot of fun, and I love the food that they have.  Tapioca cake is probably one of my favorite things... its soooo yummy.  And munguzá... é tão bom!  And the dancing - I have to come back here when I can dance.  They had a live band at the church, and I really like the music.  We also got to talk to the mother of one of the members of the band - she came to drop her son off and stayed waiting for him and started reading all the things on the board and asked to talk to us.  We talked to her a little bit, she said she had never been in our church before and then she asks "Who is the living prophet?"  I love direct questions.  And who knew that something as simple as the message board in the church helps to share the gospel?

I am having a hard time not writing in português... alright!  I hope you have a great week!

Amo vocês!  Até logo -

Sister Petersen

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