Monday, June 4, 2012

Lauro de Freitas: Vol 2 Chap 2

Woohoo for the end of school!

I am feeling better.  This week has been a little bit of a relaps, which I am not too happy about.  I am having a bit of a hard time remembering everything that happened this week, but I know that the week went well.  I think I will have to start making lists again of the things that happen during the week.  It helps me remember what I did, too.
I got Nathan's letter today - I read it just before writing to you guys =) He sounds pretty good.

I love hearing from you guys.  I love hearing what it is that you are up to, who has been doing what and how thing are going.  Its a little weird sometimes to remember that everyone elses life is continuing, too!  It really is amazing to hear what everyone is doing, where they are... amazing how we grow =)  I am learning to be more and more greatful everyday for the chance that I have to grow and to learn.  Our knowledge is the only thing we take with us, so it had better be worth the trip, right?

I am sorry, I am really struggling today... I cant think of anything at all that happened this week.  =(
Thanks for your email!  Thanks for your prayers!

Love you -


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