Monday, June 25, 2012

Lauro de Freitas: Vol 3 Chap 1

Ok!  This week has flown by - and just so you know, I was able to read your emails last week!  I passed by the mission office and explained what happened and was told that I could check and read my emails if I had been sent any.  So dont worry, Mom, you didnt miss a week!  thanks so much.

Lets see... what has gone on this week... São João has still been in full swing this past week because the actual festival wasnt until yesterday.  There have been a lot of bonfires in the street and a lot of banners, dancing, and really, REALLY loud music and firecrackers, which has made working a little hard, but alls well that ends well, right?  And compared to last year, the partying in the street was nothing.  It turns out that most people leave Salvador for the festival because its a kind of harvest festival, so they like to go to places like Itabuna where it is a lot closer to the farm land.

This week we had a pretty fabulous lesson - one of our recent converts here is a chef, and we were able to partake of his culinary skills this past week.  We taught the Word of Wisdom, and to finish he made a dinner for us and for some of our other recent converts and investigators, and it was sooo good!  Its amazing to see what a bit of skill can do, because the food he made was what we eat normally - salad, stroganoff, potatoes and mousse - but it was soooo much better than normal.  And the presentation was pretty spectacular, too.  He knows how to make a tomatoe look like a rose - pretty neat, eh?

And speaking of the Work of Wisdom, it was really neat because we were talking to Marcos the other day, and he let us know about something that happened to him.  He went to breakfast, and all his family had to drink was coffee.  So he got some, and he was about to drink when he remembered what we has taught him.  So he stopped, thought about it for a minute, and said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father if he could drink coffee, and he got his answer, "Son, you already know - what did the Sisters teach you?"  And so he put the coffe away and he drank water.  He was so proud of himself, and we were too =)

This week another one of our recent converts had family visit, he he brought a lot of them to church.  It was amazing to see.  His kids were there, we are teaching his sister and she was there and her kid, some of his cousins that are already memebers... they took up almost two rows in the chaple.  That really is what the church is all about, bringing families together and helping to keep them together.  Its Heavenly Father's Plan for all of us to be united.  And in church one of the speakers talked about family history work, and it was so easy to see how that fits in perfectly to everything else; it really does play such a huge role in missionary work.  Redeeming the dead, sanctifying the saints and preaching the gospel really are all the same thing - living the Plan of Salvation.  I feel very blessed to have the understanding I do about this wonderful plan and very blessed that my family is protected by this plan.

I guess the other thing that has to be talked about is transfers.  Yep, they have come around the corner once again.  This transfer will be 7 weeks long and I will be spending it in...... Lauro de Freitas!!!!  And I will be spending it with..... Sister Clark!!!  Sim, our beloved Sister Nascimento will be departing for the land of Itabuna, where she will give a lot of cards to the people that Sister Petersen worked with there.  That seems like such a long time ago.  Time really does go by so fast, doesnt it?

And that would appear to be it, because I cant think of anything else to write!

I love you all!!

Sister Petersen

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