Monday, June 11, 2012

Lauro de Freitas: Vol 2 Chap 3

This week was great.  There have been some amazing things that have happened.
First of all, I forgot to mention about Marcos (and I cant believe I forgot!).  I think I talked about him a few weeks ago.  Anyways, he was sooo excited about his baptism that he wrote out 53 invites for the members of the ward.  This is amazing to me because he doesnt know how to write - he asked one of his sisters to write the invite and he spent who knows how much time copying letter for letter everything that she had written down.  And he was baptized Saturday!
We also did a division this week and I stayed in my area with Sister Cornwall - can I say how much that woman helps me?  I think not.  She helps me SOOOOO much to understand things that I can do better and what I am doing well and things I can do to be happier.  And all she does is talk to me.  And be my friend.  And its amazing.  I love her to death.  In result of this division, Sister Nascimento and I have decided to move our area that we are working in.  We will now be working in Villas do Atlântico, and we appreciate all the prayers that we can get.  Its a really rich area and we are trying to figure out the best way and time to try to talk to people there.  I know the Lord has prepared a lot of people - its been a really long time since anyoen has worked there.
We have also been talking a lot with a "family" here in the ward - at the moment, it is comprised of two sisters (Erica and Elida) and their cousins who are also siblings (Henrique and Carla).  Erica was baptized about a year ago and is preparing to go on a mission; Henrique was baptized right after I got here.  I love them all so much.  They took us out to get pizza the other day =)  We have also been talking o Carla a bit lately - Henrique gave her a Book of Mormon and she has been reading it.  She hasnt been able to come to church because she has been working, and she isnt working at all this month and is SUPER excited to come to church.  We went to see them last night, and its the first time that we have actually had a lesson with Carla, and it was soooo good.  She has already been able to see how reading the Book of Mormon has changed some things, and she has seen how much Henrique has changed for the better, and she is ready to make changes.
The other miracle of the week is that the temple in Manaus was dedicated!!  They broadcast the dedication and we were able to watch it - it was so amazing to be there, to feel the Spirit of the temple... I miss the temple.  And I know how much the Saints here work and sacrifice to be able to go to the temple.  I am so excited for them.
I know this work is true, and I love seeing the miracles that the Lord works in our lives.

Até o proximo -

Sister P.

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