Monday, March 26, 2012

A Conquista da Conquista: Vol 4. Chpt 4

Hey hey hey!

Ok, first and foremost, I would like you all to pray for me.  I always thought I would come home in September, but lately I have been thinking about coming home in August - I dont know exactly why, but it seems right.  I am praying to receive an answer during conference this weekend.

Second - we had a fun time on the bus the other day - we got on and ended up staying on for 2 hours because they forgot to change the sign for where it was going and it had already passed our apartment.

about the pictures - the first one was taken on my mission aniversary - the sign says something about me being old and to have patience with me =)  The other is the baptism of Maicon!  Soooo exciting!  And the couple standing next to him are working on getting married so that they can get baptised, too!

I love you all soooo much - sorry this is short, but I am sending a letter to you in the regular mail this week, too, so dont worry.  I am doing great!  I am happy and happily working

Oh! and if everyone in the family could send me an experience of how they received blessings for obeying a certain commandment, that would be wonderful!

Love you all!


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