Monday, July 30, 2012

Exchange Sister Chap 2

Hm, not exactly sure what to say about this week, but here we go!

I am still here in Stella Mares with Sister Cruz and Sister Smart, and I have been doing my best to show them around the area, but I think they still feel pretty lost =)  On the up side, I feel like I know where I am now - I have finally figured this area out, or at least the little portion of it that we are working in, which is the most important part.  The week has been a little strange, and I cant exactly say why... my anxiety decided to act up a little bit, which didnt help anything.  We got lost quite a bit, and usually I am able to make the most of it, but this week it didnt go over too well.  Thankfully we had a member who made a lot of visits with us this week and he helped me out a lot.

Anyways, I still dont know what happening with me yet.  Presidente said that i would be leaving the area sometime this week, but when I called the assistents to get more information they were really vague, and the only thing he told me was "dont by food in bulk."  He's so helpful =)  so I think i will probably be going somewhere else soon, but who knows!

i really wanted to sent pictures to you, but the computer is being dumb and wants to send all the pictures on my camera, which will never work.  Anyways....  we made smores today!  I love smores, did you know that?  I am not even sure that I knew that before today, but it is true!  very very true.
At the moment i cant think of much else, but if i do i will send it along!
I love yoU!
sister P

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